AT&T announces iPhone 3G pricing plans

You know, I was going to get an iPhone definitely on July 15 (I’ll be in Seattle until then), but looking at these prices, I’m not so sure anymore.  Is it really worth it to pay ~$50 more a month than my current bill for comparable service with an iPhone 3G?  I get 1000 anytime minutes, 400 text messages and unlimited VOIP all for $74/month.  To get around the same service, I’d have to pay $126/month (I multiplied by 1.2 to get all the taxes added in there).  That’s an extra $600/year, when I could just call any of my clan members for directions when I’m lost in downtown manhattan.  Here’s the breakdown:

Price Voice Data Night and weekend Additional minutes
$69.99 450 Unlimited 5000 $0.45
$89.99 900 Unlimited Unlimited $0.40
$109.99 1350 Unlimited Unlimited $0.35
$129.99 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited N/A
Price Text messages
$20 Unlimited
$15 1500
$5 200

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