Scheduling Sex Is Sizzling Hot?,71860-0.html

“The idea that good sex is spontaneous is tied, at least in part, to the idea that good sex can’t or shouldn’t be fully described,” says sex educator Cory Silverberg. “This myth serves at least two important societal purposes. It prevents us from ever talking openly, explicitly and honestly about sex (you’ll ruin the trick if you know how it’s done!). And it ensures that the status quo is
maintained. If it’s meant to be spontaneous than we don’t even need to talk about it.”

I’ll never forget what Marty Klein said at a recent seminar: “Americans have sex when we’re tired.”

When we can’t possibly send another e-mail, surf to another website, pay another bill, make another phone call, watch another television show, we go to bed and wonder why we don’t feel up to sex. And that’s not even mentioning the demands of jobs, housekeeping and caring for kids and elderly parents.

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