An interesting Quandry

Harry Knowles of AInt it cool news fame, posted this moral dillema on his blog: Hayden Panettiere, born August 21, 1989, now 17 (legal in Texas, which is important, because her character is in Odessa, Texas) as the character, Claire Bennett. She’s adorably cute, constantly in her cheerleader uniform.
Ok – now never mind that she fulfills the underage cheerleading limber blond virginal demographic. That’s pretty delicious.
But they gave her the ability to regenerate and resucitate from any and all injuries.
This power has decided to manifest itself before she’s lost her virginity.
Which means – everytime she has sex, she’s a virgin as her hymen will repair itself. Meaning that everytime she’s fucked, its like she’s being fucked for the very first time.
It’s my theory that do to the constant discomfort of virginal sex with men, her character will prefer the kind attention of her fellow sex. MEANING – she’ll be a hot, underage, cheerleading lesbian… for life.

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