My Vista Experience so far

Well, I’ve finally got Vista loaded. A mere 28 hours after first attempting to set it up. I wound up formatting my C Drive. It still is not compatible with my SATA card. I’m not sure what to do with that. It’s also not compatible with my Netgear NAS. I’m going to have to set both of those things up on the server I suppose. What a pain in the ass.

Driver support seems to be the number one thing lacking. I don’t have any support from Logitech for my G15 gaming keyboard. So the LCD on it is dead right now. The cordless USB mouse from Logitech also was wonky but after several reboots it seems to have fixed itself. Thank god I had a PS2 mouse hooked up as well.

The external USB HD works fine. I’m having some problems adjusting though. There is no RUN command from the start menu. Maybe I have to enable it somewhere, btu I haven’t found it yet. I also can’t find where to show all the file extensions. It’s hiding stuff now, and thats annoying to me. Everything is in a different place it seems.

Aero glass seems nice enough, but I’m just not sure its enough to warrant any upgrade strictly on looks, thats for sure. I’m sure the headache is just beginning for me. Wish me well. I suppose this is the trouble I get for trying to tech things before I have to tech them in the field.

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