Vista tribulations day 2.

I’m having problems getting winrar to work in Vista. The rights were a problem at first but now I’m having to extract things via remotting into the server I have running here. Not good.

 Also Firefox is completely buggy in Vista. Saving files slows things down to the point of unusability. So I’m working with IE7 now. Tabbed browsing is a bit different, but I’m getting somewhat accustomed to it.

Minimized icons in Aero Glass show a thumbnail of whats on screen when you hover over them. A cool effect for sure, but useful too. Much more useful maybe then the Switch Windows view which I thought would be more interactive somehow.

Gadgets are kind of a fun idea, but I’m wondering if their usefulness is worth the system resources. Especially since you can turn the opacity down on them, which leads me to believe graphically they are using even more resources. Also I would hope the limited selection is enhanced by homebrew. We’ll see how that all pans out I suppose.

I also finally found the old school Folder view options under Organize/Folder and Search Options. I believe in XP that was an option under tools? Anyways thats where it is, under Organize. Still can’t figure out how to get a run option on the start menu. Thank god for Windows R.

Incidentally I’m continuously amazed at the performance of the server in downloading news. It pulls in 800+ KBps minimally with peaks at 1500+ KBps. Thats an easy 50 megs per minute. I can pull down a full DVD in less than an hour and a half.

Weird. FFDShow just crashed Explorer. Now I have no explorer. Yet another incompatibility. I was trying to view a dvd of tv shows I had burned BTW. Evidently Vista is trying to use some preview view. Ugh.

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