Jap Wii Manual Hints @ new games

See Here

These include:

Wack a Friend, Ride Your Own Horsey, The Hydroginator, Elctro Love Poems Stop My Heart (ELPSMH for those in “tha know”), Cloudy Day Ash Parade, Dream Land, St Patty’s Day Grate Cleaner, The New Pope of Wii-Land, Dr. Sensors Tongue Depressor Adventure, Stomp – The Rectangle Adventure, Disc Dr. Xtreme, My Testicles and Wii, Finger Bang!, Polar Opposites, Lean Back – Special Library Edition & Stomp – Ninja Nunchuck Adventure.

Also the last 2 pages hint and more Wii Sports like multi titles with ‘Mote-rific which includes Teddy Bear Zapper, Pitch Black LCD Edition, Wii-motes can fly and My Reflection Looks Wii-rific and Playa Hata’s which includes Trapped in the Closet, Trinket Blast-o-thon and Plug It In My Hole Special DP Edition, yeah you only get 3 titles but the DP version adds an extra hole which makes it that much more pleasureful.

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