Frink: Calculate Anything! – samples

beer = 12 floz 3.2 percent water/alcohol

Then, you wanted to find out how many beers a big bottle of champagne is equal to:

magnum 13.5 percent -> beer

You probably don’t want to drink that whole bottle. Now let’s say you’re mixing Jungle Juice (using a 1.75 liter bottle of Everclear (190 proof!)) and Kool-Aid to fill a 5-gallon bucket (any resemblance to my college parties is completely intentional.) What percent alcohol is that stuff?

junglejuice = 1.75 liter 190 proof / (5 gallon)
junglejuice -> “percent”
8.78372074090843481138500000 percent

It’s really not that strong. About 8.8%. But if you drink 5 cups of that, at 12 fluid ounces each, how many beers have you had?

5 12 floz junglejuice -> “beer”
10.832 beer

Maybe that’s why people were getting punched in the head. QED.

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