Buying a Used MP3 Player

my two year old zen micro finally died after many, many drops. it actually still functions perfectly, only the connection on the headphone jack is… jacked. now that i bought a replacement i’ll bust that baby open and hit it with the cold solder.

anyways… i found me a nice zen nomad on craigslist for a coupla bones, and at my request the owner left his music collection on it, “so i could test out the player before i buy it.”

its pretty exciting to see other folks’ music collections. sure, this guy was a little heavy on the 80’s power ballads, and his “rap” album was laughable, but there are some decent tracks. and while you may argue with downeaster alexa, its actually a good song.

if i had the cash i’d buy peoples’ MP3 players all the time. its like a tresure hunt… somewhere in that pile of crappy pop tunes is an obscure track you never knew you loved until the player randomly decided you needed to heard it.

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