Matthew from had asked I read the responses to the article on their site and wondered what my cynical response to the “UK MUSLIMS: ‘BAN’ UN-ISLAMIC SCHOOLS” article is. i hope i don’t disappoint:

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a very opinionated person. I held my mouth this time as the article did seem a tad scandalous. Despite its nature, I posted the article as it brought up some interesting points. Here in America, we deal with a certain prevalent religion trying to push its way into our schools, and I think this article provides an interesting contrast to that. Unfortunately the response to the article you posted seems to have come from the other side of the field, I’m sure somewhere in that grey area we’ll find the truth. Ultimately we’ll have to see what school officials do in response to the requests.

My opinion: Since it would be impossible for schools to give fair shrift to all religions, we cannot allow some religions in because they are popular. Schools should respect students actions that are a result of religious exercise, but not in such a way that other students are effected. A perfect example: if a Jain decided to attend a western school and asked that we respect their religious beliefs… well… the school would be hard pressed to teach anything!

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