New bluetooth spec one the way

Bluetooth 2.1 with near-field communications and 5x battery – Engadget

and if you don’t wanna see the pic or click here’s all the text 🙂

Gear Live got the chance to check the new Bluetooth 2.1+EDR specification live with Michael Foley, executive director of the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group). Most definitely, the coolest new feature is delivered via an optional part of the spec dubbed “near-field communications.” Using a prototype Nokia cellphone and Parrot picture frame, Foley was able to snap a photo on the handset and then pair and
transfer it to the frame by simply holding the phone a few inches away
from the display. Other notable enhancements are 5x reduction in
battery drain (hoozah!) for Bluetooth mice and keyboards as well as
enhanced security. The spec is “just being finalized now” with first
product expected to hit around the 2007 holiday season. Fingers crossed
eh, as these things tend to drag out a bit longer than expected. In the
mean time, check the full video demonstration after the break.

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