Vista BIOS Emulation Crack

FILEnetworks Blog: Vista 32-bit one click activator (BIOS Emulation)

now there is no need to mount images and pull your hair off of trying to get Vista activated. TEAM Paradox has stepped up and kicked serious Microsoft ass with the Vista BIOS Emulation Crack!

Also note this:

If you get a BSOD, I found a fix:
“The BSOD error is caused by the Update from Microsoft named Nforce4 PCI-Express Root Port (also included in Nvidia drivers).
1. If you got the BSOD, find a way (safemode or dualboot) to rename the file in windowssystem32driversroyal.sys to royal2.sys
2. Your should not get the BSOD the next time you restart.
Go to Control panel -> Device Manager.
3. Under System Devices you should see the Nforce4 PCI-Express Root Port.
4. Right-click and choose Properties.
5. Under the Driver tab choose Roll Back Driver.
6. BEFORE you restart rename windowssystem32driversroyal2.sys back to royal.sys
7. Restart now and it should be activated!”

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