XBOX360 HD-DVD firmware hacked to get VolumeID’s, AACS flips out and may ban all 360 drives

Got VolumeID without AACS authentication – Doom9’s Forum

the AACS LA can revoke a drive once it has been identified. Identification is simple: in order for a software player to retrieve the Volume ID it communicates with the drive first and checks the drive id. If the drive id is not revoked it continues and retrieves the Volume ID (and plays the content). If its on the DRL (Drive Revocation List as opposed to HRL) then it simply won’t retrieve the Volume ID (although it could) and doesn’t play the content. Since the drive is patched we can still retrieve the Volume ID. But we can’t play the content with the AACS-controlled commercial Software Player. If we build our own player (or if the Software Player plays unencryped files from HDD) then we can still play the content. So its basicly an inconvenience.

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