Digg fights back against AACS, DMCA and MPAA

Digg the Blog – Stands Up

and Download Squad gives you the info, all I got to say is ARRRRRRRRRRRR! P-)

HD-DVD key fiasco is an example of 21st century digital revolt – Download Squad

Cory Doctorow’s class blog for his USC course, “Pwned: How everyone on campus is a copyright criminal” was served a DMCA takedown notice and, on the advice of counsel, removed the offending digits. They were posted to Wikipedia, then removed and locked from reposting. Then the diggstorm came. A slew of digg stories containing the forbidden digits have been posted, made the front page and been removed, only to start again.

also ZDNet gives some more info:

AACS licensing authority censors Cory Doctorow’s class blog – ZDNet.com

I just don’t get it.  A link is a link and trying to censor who links to what is not going to work.  The AACS seems to want to control who links to the Doom 9 forum post relating to the AACS cracking attempts because all that’s left for AACS is to try to limit people knowing how ineffective AACS is becoming.

the ever awsome piratebay now has the key on their homepage:

The Pirate Bay

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