When Pushed, Killing’s As Easy As Breathing! – See What John Rambo Means!

3 Minutes & 29 Seconds… This is it! AICN scored the motherfucking premiere footage of JOHN RAMBO! – Ain’t It Cool News

The footage we have for you is something that Sly put together to show distributors and folks at Cannes… but, he wanted to see what you Talkbackers thought about what he had for us. So – for 2 days, this footage will be hosted here on AICN. And then, I’m taking it down. But I watched this with a group of about 15 friends tonight and when… you’ll see… happens, and then, it keeps happening – we were screaming and applauding and being so happy to see RAMBO doing the shit Rambo was created for. THIS ISN’T WATERED DOWN, THIS IS TURNED UP.

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