Bush and his Secret Society Balls and Shaft, wait no Skull and Bones

Geronimo’s family call on Bush to help return his skeleton – The Independent

The great grandson of the Apache leader Geronimo has appealed to the big chief in the White House to help recover the remains of his famous relative – purportedly stolen more than 90 years ago by a group of students – including the President’s grandfather.

The story that members of Yale University’s secret Skull and Bones society took the remains – including a skull and femur – from the burial site in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, has long been part of the university’s lore. But a university historian recently recovered a letter from 1918 that appears to support the story that members of the society did indeed take the remains while serving with a group of army volunteers from Yale, stationed at the fort during the First World War.

And here’s an image of George W Bush at the Skull and Crossbones shin dig – Wikipedia

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