McMahon Limo Explosion all part of the show, n00bs

An explosion of publicity for McMahon? – The Times Leader

Despite articles on the Web site that firefighters and federal agents are investigating, workers at the Luzerne County 911 Center confirmed that it was “a stunt” and that no emergency vehicles were called to the arena on Monday night. “The ‘federal agent’ (referenced on the Web site) is definitely not the FBI,” said Jerri Williams, a special agent spokeswoman with the FBI’s Philadelphia office. “We have not been made aware of any car bombings. … We would definitely have been informed.”

SUCKERS!!! First thing I did was check CNN, nothing there, I would think if a billionaire dies in a bombing something would at the least show up there. I did however read that it was the “death” of his character as he wanted out but hell, wrestlings like a comic book, you can die one month and be reborn the next.

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