Set a Ford Taurus on fire with your cell charger

How To Set A Ford Taurus On Fire With Your Cell Phone Charger – Jalopnik

Apparently it’s as simple as plugging your cell phone charger into the electric socket and well, we’ll let frequent Jalopnik tipster Buckster explain what happened:

“I borrowed a friends car yesterday so I could get some work done on mine. On my way home from the mall I decided to charge my cell phone. The moment I plugged in my charger a zap and some smoke came from behind the stereo, within 25 seconds flambes and melting plastic engulfed the entire dash I pulled over and bailed out with just enough time to grab my new sneaks and my rented dvd. The best part was having the tires explode and the gas tank rupture when I had the owner on the phone. By the time the fire trucks arrived the car was toast. On the brite side there is one less Taurus in the road. So anyway that was my monday night.”

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