New Honey Doll – The new asian sex toy that talks back

Oooooh: Honey Doll Has Touch Sensors, Moans, Has Fake Orgasms – Gizmodo

Thank the Japanese for pushing humanity one step closer to sexbots: This almost-perfect, silicon-made Honey Doll is equipped with touch sensors that will make her moan with different sounds. Check the full image gallery and listen to the built-in sounds after the jump (definitely NSFW). The sensors activate an internal MP3 player connected to a speaker located in the head of the doll. The best part: you can put whatever sound you want in the player, although you can use the ones that come built-in. Yep. One small step for a man, one giant leap for wanking.

Link seems SFW however the click through on the page is NSFW

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