Buy concert recordings on USB directly after the show

Live concert recordings on USB sticks – last100

In July, I blogged about a new company planning to sell recordings of concerts on USB sticks as you leave the venue. Since then I’ve actually found articles proposing a similar idea that dates back to 2004, although I believe it was a slow starter then. Nowadays, USB sticks have surpassed floppy disks and even CDs as the most popular way to physically move data around, plus they have a much higher capacity than they used to, and are more physically robust.

Wow someone is finally trying to make money off of what the MP3 scene has been doing 4EVA! record straight from the mixing board on live shows and upload that shit. Maybe throw in some bonus content like interviews for the crazy obsessed fans or limited edition USB keys, some people will always buy and some will just pir8 away.

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