Musicians want more money as they eye pirates

Hey Eminem, blame the system, not Apple – CNET

As compact-disc sales continue to slide, and royalties continue to get squeezed by piracy, more and more performers are growing dissatisfied with the money coming in from digital downloads.

I love how they continue to blame piracy on slowing CD sales even though people can now buy just the 2 songs they like off an album and disregard the rest. It’s like when streetcars started to be replaced by cheap automobiles, I don’t remember reading in my history books about a big conglomerate fighting for streetcar workers. And the people bitching now make well over $100k a year easy, fucking losers. How tough are you now Eminem that you make bank? I don’t buy your CD’s cause you fucking suck, you know who’s CD’s I do buy, DJ Shadow motherfucker, why? Cause he fucking kicks ass that’s why, I can listen to his shit on repeat all day and never get tired of it. I can stand an Eminem song a few times a day tops, so get back to your lab and bring out good shit and maybe one day you’ll see a dime from me, till then fuck off. -Z

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