New Hezbollah video game, $19.99 at WallyWorld

Children play Israeli-killers in bloody new computer game – the Daily Mail

The game recreates key phases of the conflict, which was triggered when Hezbollah raided northern Israel and captured two soldiers, saying they wanted to negotiate a prisoner swap. “The game has high tech and three dimensional technology. It explains the operations that took place during the battles in the last July war,” said Mahmoud Rayya a Hezbollah IT engineer.

Good, I’m glad, more LAN parties less war, they wanna mix it up on the virtual battlefield I say more power to them. I love how some people try to hate on this like it’s horrible they portray us as bad guys, shit we’ve been doing the reverse forever. Graphics look kinda shitty but seems to be a decent effort, I’m sure it’s hard to program while getting shot at all day.

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