Mini World in Conflict Review

Being a longtime RTS fan, I’m talking Dune 2 for you n00bs, I will say World in Conflict (WiC) has got to be the most jaw dropping RTS experience I have ever played. And not to mention it’s hard but not in that I wanna fling my keyboard through my monitor like DooM’s Nightmare mode hard; no it has just that right amount of toughness to make me come back for more.

Now unlike an early RTS there is tons of shit going on, and not for show, everything has an effect on the battlefield. From buildings being destroyed, increasing your line of fire, to trees cleared out by tanks, leaving less areas for an enemy to hide. And being able to radio for air support/artillery is so much fun half the time I forget about my troops to keep calling in napalm on the Russians.

From what I seen in this demo, the great game play, the insane amount of detail in the graphics, the almost there sound and just how much fun it is I will say this is a must buy for RTS lovers and people who may want to give the RTS genre a shot.

See you on the battlefield. -Z

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