802.11n good enough for corporate network?

Report: 802.11n good enough to chase Ethernet from the enterprise – Arstechnica

Are we near the point where wireless networks can replace good, old Ethernet? A new report from The Burton Group answers that question in the affirmative, saying that the increased speeds and other features of 802.11n should be enough for many companies to cut the wires on their WANs in the next two to three years.

Seriously WTF? Email, web and outlook sure go wireless… everything else HELL NO! You ever try to help someone who’s wirelessly connected to an AP with a low signal over VNC? Users can’t even find the service tags on their laptops, now we’ll be asking them to look for the AP antennas sticking out of the ceiling so we can actually get connected to their laptop. For the odd laptop, sales rep, etc go for it, everyone else stick to wired.

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