Google Cereals, mmmm mmm hot???

Larryos, Raisin Brin, Porn Flakes & Other Google Cereals – Search Engine Land

Joe Sriver was the man that executed the fine craftsmanship of all these loved cereal parody labels. We would sit around and talk about how irreverent or disrespectful of a label we could come up with. The original PORN FLAKES had Matt Cutts sitting in a hot tubesque cereal bowl with Hotties on each side of him, looking very Hue Hefner like. Stacy Sullivan quickly shut that one down. We has some others that offended the Googlers they were targeted at, but for the most part everyone was able to take a good shot to the chin and smile about it later. Joe Sriver is also the engineer that helped me create my website, he handled all of the user interface for the Google site.

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