Segway Cop catches crook and isn’t gunned down??

Chicago cop chases down gunman on Segway – Engadget

Believe it or not, Chicago policeman Thaddeus Martyka isn’t the first cop to chase down a crook with the help of a Segway, but nevertheless, the two-wheeled wonder is to thank for yet another arrest. Whilst patrolling the streets and enjoying the summer breeze, the officer heard shots fired and decided to wheel over and see what the commotion was all about. Sure enough, the baddies were found scurrying away from the scene of a crime, and while one suspect managed to escape, the other wasn’t so fortunate. Purportedly, the Segway reached a top speed of 12.5mph, which proved plenty fast to capture (and likely humiliate) at least one of the ill-willed individuals.

Wait so the bad guys shot stuff up but decided not to shoot the cop or hell kick the Segway when it got close?? Or hell these things are like alligators, just run zig-zag or hell how about up some stairs, JESUS criminals these days are so fricken DUMB, where oh where have all the evil masterminds gone?? I’m marking this educational for how to get away from a damn Segway, maybe somebody will learn!

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