Punisher – War Zone Review

Punisher – War Zone Review – CHUD

Dated August 20th, 2007, Lexi Alexander’s screenplay – simply titled “Punisher” (and not the recently-revealed Punisher: War Zone) is a massive disappointment for me, if only because I really appreciate her first feature, Green Street Hooligans. Hooligans’ characters are at turns charismatic and revolting, and the film’s visuals are possessed of grit that doesn’t feel completely contrived.

And the best quote goes to “Some twelve-year-old kid putting my old pal Ding Chavez through his paces on Xbox Live has a better understanding of tactics than Frank Castle in this film.” That right there seals the deal for a no see, I guess we never will get to see a really good Punisher movie, maybe we can still hope for the Hulk….. nahhh.

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