Awesome review of the Spherex Xbox 5.1 System

Spherex Xbox 5.1 Review – The Audio Critic Articles

Going from the Xbox 5.1 to the very best systems known to me (represented by the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 5 and the Linkwitz Lab “Orion”), there are very few in-between steps of improvement. Maybe only two or at most three. It’s that close. Let the high-end police come and take me away in handcuffs.ÂÂ

I’ve wanted to see a proper review of these forever and damn it if I didn’t pick these up when I had a chance. At least now I solved the problem of what to use for a second system in the apartment. My only question is if you can just use the speakers and forgo the sub/amp combo, I’d love to put an SVS on these to get that missing deep bass.

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