Top 10 Horror Movies for Halloween

10. The Blob ’88 (Great gore)

09. Arachnophobia (8 legs of terror with no soul)

08. Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: The Dream Warriors (Freddy at his finest hour) 

07. Night of the Living Dead (You can do ’68 or ’90 depending on your preference)

06. The Thing (Classic Carpenter)

05. Alien (The first has the greatest scares) 

04. Day of the Dead (A movie with GUTS!)

03. Jaws (Oh yeah you know you hate the water now)

02. Dawn of the Dead (Welcome to the Mall of the Dead, grab the shottie and start to party)

01. The Fly (Jeff Goldblum + vomit = goodtime)


All approved by Z

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