2 drunk teens kill younger sister while babysitting

2 drunk teens kill their younger sister while babysitting

The witness said Roberts performed a back kick and the girl didn’t get up. He said he and Trujillo “cracked an egg in her mouth . . . in an attempt to see if she was messing around with them” by faking unconsciousness.The witness said she asked Roberts whether Zoe had asked them to stop. “Yeah, she told me to stop,” he said. Asked why he didn’t stop, he said, “I don’t know; I was drunk.”

Oh and somehow the media has made a frenzy that they called their game Mortal Combat and associated it with the videogame. However Mortal Kombat the videogame was released in 1992, putting these kids at around 2 years old. And after MK4 in 1997 the games went downhill fast, anyone else see a problem here with blaming videogames when these kids were drunk?

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