Apple again with the pay per updates

Apple unveils the Apple TV, take 2 – Engadget

Apple just admitted that the first Apple TV didn’t quite work out — so it’s back with a new model that can access iTunes directly, and streams movies from the new rental store in both DVD quality and HD with 5.1 surround.

Just like what E and I were talking about, MS goes and pulls a rabbit out of their hat by updating Zune Ver 1 to Zune Ver 2 all with a free firmware update. Apple… well so we f’d up sorry you fanboys will just have to pay, but we know you like to anyway that’s how we stay in business. Damn you apple! I go and burn you and you go and do what I burned you about, one day I will have my revenge! =) Anyway just looked over the final specs and only 720p24? Come on Apple where’s the 1080p love, and all the boo-hoo about the long d/l 1080p, I’d rather wait and get something once, then re-download again.

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