$6 Mil Home Theater… a waste??

The Greatest Show Ever – $6 Mil Home Theater

Not to pee or anything but this comment sums up what I thought:

While I applaud the effort to get maximum performance what’s with using the component output of a first generation Blu-Ray player? Why not get the $250,000 Runco SC-1 which does have HDCP compliant digital inputs, uses the professional DMD made exclusively for commercial cinema DLP projectors, and has enough lumens to light up a screen even much bigger than the one he’s using. And why in the world would you do a theater of this scale and not do a Cinemascope set-up with variable masking for different aspect ratios? And while the visual layout of the speakers is interesting, there is no way that each speaker position has been optimized. And an add-on tweeter scares me a bit. The speaker is either up to the task or it isn’t. Adding on drivers to get more of ‘something’ is a hack.

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