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Sleep, Obey, Consume, and Watch “They Live”

 If you want to spend your Friday evening contemplating the joys of alien-based paranoia, plus a little wrestling, then there’s nothing better than a nice heaping of They Live. Released in the late 1980s, this ironic-paranoid classic was John Carpenter’s giant fuck you to the Reagan Administration and social conformity of all types. Aliens have taken over, and are controlling all of the United States (and perhaps the whole world) by beaming a signal into everybody’s mind that masks the true aliens, as well as the “obey” signs they’ve planted everywhere. In this awesome scene, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper puts on some sunglasses that allow him to see the truth. It’s like the “taking the red pill” moment — suddenly the extent of his manipulation becomes clear.

I whole heartedly agree, “They Live” ROCKS! I can’t wait to get my copy from when they showed this on MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs and Rowdy Roddy Pipper commenting on the whole movie.

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