Losing Our Virginity

Seattlest: Losing Our Virginity

But what you really notice on the plane, besides the plush leather seats that offer back support, is the big seat-back screens which host Red, VA’s top-notch in-flight entertainment. This service really has it all, and yes, it’s even better than Jet Blue’s. You’ve got satellite TV, on-demand movies, radio stations, 3000 mp3s, games (including Doom), a constantly updated Google map of your journey, and the ability to IM or chat with anyone else on the plane. (Your remote flips over to become a QWERTY keyboard and gamepad, and word is that internet and email will be available soon.)A couple more bonus features: every seat includes a 110v outlet, ethernet jack, and a USB port. The USB ports are good for charging your iPod or phone…

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