40GB for $55 per month: Time Warner bandwidth caps arrive

40GB for $55 per month: Time Warner bandwidth caps arrive – Ars Technica

For some reason Time Warner has chosen to start a tiered Internet Service system all their own. Now instead of unlimited service that you see all the time they are now offering bandwidth caps to go along with their speed caps, seems like we are moving backwards instead of forward to me. Now that service providers such as Netflix and iTunes are really pushing digital video distrobution and everyone loves to lose a day to YouTube it seems like a really bad time to start capping peoples transfer limits. The limits they are using seem very low as well, 15Mps a month with a 40GB limit for $55, I know on a 6MBps DSL account I can currently hit 60GB per month, I’m sure with a 15MBps pipe that would easily climb to 80GB. I seems to me that Time Warner is trying to put more money in their pockets instead of where the smart money would be in infrastructure upgrades. With a Time Warner account you can kiss streaming 720p or above HD content goodbye unless you would like to pay even more money. And then the question you would need to ask Time Warner is are you even going to be able get the content reasonable fast because we all know how they over sell their DSLAM’s & CO’s.

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