Highly Detailed R2-D2 PaperCraftGallery

R2-D2 – PaperCraftGallery

Do you love Star Wars, have a color printer and lots of Scotch Tape? All you need is to buy yourself some time and you too can have a highly detailed R2-D2 papercraft model in your cube or on your desk. Yeah the whole web page is filled with Kanji but who cares? No one said it was going to be easy being the envy of all the Slave Leia’s and Han Solo’s running around your office, ain’t none of them are sporting this baby. You thought you were the ultimate Star Wars aficionado, didn’t you? Unless you have one of these you’re just another sucker shooting wamp rats in your T-16 dreaming of fighting the Empire in an X-Wing. Let me ask you this, what is a better use of office resources, printing out mundane charts, graphs and lame-o clipart that’s been recycled more than a porn stars bed sheets or giving yourself some joy and a little robot buddy to call your own. Yeah, I thought so, print out the 4 sheets of awesomeness, CLIPART BE DAMNED!

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