Thecus has eight-bay NAS

Thecus has eight-bay NAS – The INQUIRER

Finally someone is making a home NAS box with more than 5 bays and RAID 6 capabilities. I’ve seem many reviews on early Thecus NAS appliances and while they all had their pros and cons, the company as a whole seems to steadily improve and learn from it’s mistakes. With the new Pro lines Thecus has moved to x86 CPU’s, even a Celeron M in the 7 Bay N7700, so firmware updates should hopefully be more frequent. Prices always seemed reasonable with the feature set Thecus gives you, their current models run around $400 for the 4 Bay model, so if these 7 and 8 bay models show up for $700 to $800 you really can’t go wrong. And with the addition of dual GigE ports and RAID migration, which is seldom seen on prosumer NAS devices, it’s a no brainer.

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