3-in-1 3.5″ Data Docking Tray

3-in-1 3.5″ Data Docking Tray – brando.com

This little beauty comes to us all the way from Hong Kong, and it’s a wonder no one has ever thought of it before. It transforms your no-use-of-anymore 3.5″ bay into a multi-function dynamo. You can choose which 2 devices you would like to use at one time, a 4 port USB hub, a multi-function memory card reader or a 2.5″ SATA drive enclosure.

 At only $69 this thing is a steal, and for all you OCD types it comes in Black and Silver. So if you are all about matching accessories it should blend right in, unless you went for the 9 million other colors PC cases come in. Buf if you’re the OCD type and we know you are, we’re pretty sure you jumped on the black band wagon, since everything comes in black.

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