The Complete History of Metal Gear

MGS4: Need to Know Info – Joystiq

Just in time for you to buy Metal Gear Solid 4, Joystiq comes to your brains rescue. We know Metal Gear has had a long history, spanning 20 years, so brushing up on your knowledge is a great way to begin the final instalment.

With all the twists and turns, back stabs and double crosses Metal Gear has had along the way everyone, yeah I said it, everyone needs this guide so you don’t sit there in act 3 going WTF!?! And then the credits roll and you have no idea what happened and you feel like you just gave someone $70 to change your oil only instead they had sex in year car, didn’t use a rubber and now you have to get the stains out of the upholstery and figure out how to cover up the stench of moldy milk.

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