Battlefield Heroes Beta Testers Info Stolen

Battlefield Heroes Beta Testers Info Stole

So I signed up awhile ago to be a beta tester for Battlefield Heroes, haven’t heard anything except the initial confirmation email. Checked the forums once or twice and there’s only information about how the are overwhelmed with tester applications, seems reasonable. Now this information shows up in my inbox:

QA Boss has been made aware of a security breach which exposes QA Boss forum user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords. While passwords are encrypted, it must be assumed that the encryption can be broken.

As a safety precaution, it is advisable that anyone who uses passwords on other accounts, particularly email, which may be similar to the one used on the QA Boss system, should consider changing their non QA Boss passwords.

We also feel that it may be prudent for users to change their QA Boss passwords.

Great so I’m not even accepted yet and I’ve already had my information stolen, makes me feel great about joining up.

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