Full Tilt Remix – Limited edition remixes for the working DeeJay

I stumbled upon some tracks from Flashback Vol. 2 and Volumes 16 & 17.  Highly recommended. Strong mix in beats and even steady tempo for all your mixing needs. The music is clean and original over brand new or punched up beats. Faithful to the original source material enough that you don’t cringe from being over remixed.

It was such a joy to listen to that it made me want to start mixing again. When was the last time that music made you feel that way?  It even punches up normal every day hits you hear on the radio. This is what I want to be rocking in my ride from now on.

I just found my Vegas trip soundtrack. Who remixes Dave Matthews anyways? Brilliant! Tracks from Filter, 311 and The Steve Miller Band just prove that no style is unmixable.

Their bread and butter is obviously in current music and the monthly releases do a good job for up to date shit but what really shines is in the Flashbacks. This is an excellent supplement to Promo Only for DJ’s of all types.

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