The Dark Knight Does It For Real

In a sea of spandex and robots CGI seems the norm, replacing high budget stunts with impossible reality f/x shots, only Chris Nolan is going old school. That’s not to say CGI has no place in movies but done well we are never taken out of the action. Using CGI to compliment a wow moment without breaking that barrier seems to be lost on bigger, faster, louder movies of late with Speed Racer showing everything that is wrong with CGI, while a movie like Sin City showing how even full CGI can be used to compliment the story when called for.

Onto the new Batman movie and all the effects money is going into making everything as real as possible with minimal CG. Hearing from Nolan the Christian Bale also took steps to do some of his own stunt work like the shot above the Sears Tower is further endorsement that everyone involved is behind this picture full force. It’s also good to note even with CG shots Nolan is doing things to make them feel real like adding some random camera motion. Hopefully this will be unlike the heavy handed approach they took with Grindhouse where all the scratches and burns felt CG.

All in all it’s good to hear this latest Batman epic seems to be shaping up to be a huge movie. We get big real effects with key actors and an amazing story which will hopefully propel this movie to the biggest summer blockbuster of 2008.

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