50 Skills That Every Gamer Should Master – GamesRadar

A good list of everything you need to accomplish before you call yourself a gamer. What’s that, don’t have some of the items listed or think they are to hard, well then you aren’t a real gamer are YOU?!?! Here’s 2 choice points that fit in-line with THC’s philosophy:

8. Estimate remaining PSP battery life and calculate device’s lastability on journey
If you’ve gone to all the trouble of uploading an extensive selection of softcore pornography to your PSP in advance of a business trip, it can be hugely upsetting to run out of juice before you’ve even had a chance to make yourself tired in the airplane convenience.

21. Perform tea-bagging like a pro
Don’t bang away like a demented pneumatic penis. Get rhythm. Tea-bagging is an art – as our own educational video reminds us.

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