Teased with Rock Band 2 Features

More Rock Band 2 information is surfacing as we inch closer to E3 and the big issues Chromium and I have had with Rock Band 1 already seem to be rectified:

Solo Tour and Band World Tour join forces to create the ultimate band touring experience
– World Tour is now online
– No more band leaders If you need to fire your guitarist but keep the band going, fire away
– Switch up instruments throughout world tour
– All new collection of opportunity gigs, challenges, cities, venues, and hirable staff

This alone marks for an instant buy, but they’ve also gone and added a drum trainer feature and velocity sensitive drums, which translates into the drums being a lot harder but also more realistic. Now I have to question whether this sensitivity will only be in the upper echelons of difficulty levels, through out the entire gamut or some hybrid selectable feature. If either of the 2 former options it could ruin it one way or the other, if selectable for the lower levels and manditory for hard and expert it would make that much more sense. I can’t wait for more details to be released, E3 can’t come soon enough. Thanks to Kotaku

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