someday, we’ll all wear shock bracelets on airplanes

Bracelets could shock potential terrorists… and unruly passengers… and anyone who asks for a blanket or tries to “congregate” while waiting for the forward lavatory.

It was recently reported that the Department of Homeland Security has expressed interest in “safety bracelets” for air travelers that would include personal information and would not only track the wearer but also be capable of remotely delivering a taser-like shock.

Foxs News Megyn Kelly talked with terrorism expert Neil Livingstone, who downplayed the reports. “This is kind of an exaggerated story,” he stated. “I dont think theres going to be a shock element on it. Thats going too far.”

However, Livingstone, who has a history of making extreme claims about the threats posed by terrorists, saw nothing wrong with the radio-tracking aspect. “Flying is not a right, it is a privilege,” he stated.

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