when life gives you cucumbers

I probably could’ve googled a recipe at any time, but I’m lazy. Anyway, yay! Tzatziki recipe!

1 – 2 cups greek yogurt or strained plain yogurt – just let it sit in a paper towel lined sieve over a bowl for an hour or so – i used the larger package of fago greek yogurt
2 chopped cucumbers chopped, spread out on dish towel, sprinkled with salt, let sit an hour or so to bring out the moisture, roll up in towel, press lightly, and there – de-moisturized cucumbers
chopped clove of garlic or more if you dare
chopped mint about 2tsp
1/2 cup crumbled feta

combine all ingredients, cover, and store in fridge for several hours to marry flavors – can be made the night before, but know that the raw garlic will get more potent the longer it sits

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