Gaming Professional on the “Catch-Up” Rule

I knew it! I have shut out the computer from time to time on Madden, but it’s not easy.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but sports simulations cheat. Straight out. Always have. Always will. Its as if Bill Belichick and Ernie Adams acquired a Rick Moranis shrink ray and decided to bunker down inside your PlayStation. But dont take our word for it. Ask Matthew Kato, a writer for Game Informer magazine who has been playing and reviewing games for more than a decade. “They all have catch-up AI,” he says. “The computer is down, and then all of the sudden it breaks eight tackles and rips off an 80-yard run to conveniently tie the game up. Ive run experiments to see if you can shut the computer out if you run the difficulty at the highest level. I know plenty of people who have tried this. And you just cant skunk the computer. Something always happens.” Does it ever.

The article also talks about the unblockable play. For my money, the best in football history was in Joe Montana Sportstalk Football II — the 839 Swing. HB toss around the right-tackle, take it to the house. Second was an FB short flare pass in a twins-WR I-formation that never failed to gain 6-10 yards. Sub in a WR and you’re set.

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