What If the Bachelorette Was Polyamorous?

Good question.

After all, in past seasons, when the central character gets down to two or three suitors, she usually confesses to the cameras that she has developed intense feelings or even fallen in love with more than one guy this has been true in The Bachelor as well. Cue screeching brakes, folks, because thats where my fantasy ends. After that, it reverts back to its monogamous ways, emphasizing that she must choose. She must pick one. Its always been about The One all along. Why couldnt she have ridden into the sunset with both Jason and Jesse? Why didnt one of the relatives suggest this idea during one of those hometown-dates-cum-interrogations? Why couldnt the men make a pact to make it work—because, after all, they both love her. DeAnna, listen: You didnt have to break anyones heart You couldve picked them both and been the first truly polyamorous Bachelorette

Wouldn’t ever happen, though. Producers SAY they want to be edgy, but rarely are they ever.

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