Downpour of Nintendo Financials

First up we have big N’s financials Nintendo Co., Ltd. has just released its financial statement for Q1 FY3/09. Net sales were $3.9 billion for the quarter with a net income of $992 million.

Individual Unit Sales For The Quarter Are:


Japan – 530,000
North America – 2.5 million
Europe/Aus/Asia – 2.15 million
Total – 5.17 million


Japan – 580,000
North America – 2.7 million
Europe/Aus/Asia – 3.65 million
Total – 6.94 million

And as strange as this sounds the Gamecube and the Gameboy Advance are still pushing units at retail:


North America – 40,000

Gameboy Advance

Worldwide – 180,000

I’m not sure what the hell everyone is playing except Mario Kart but damn if they don’t know how to make a shit ton of cash. Must be all those people like Chromium who bough Hannah Montana Sing Star Edition. Or it could be all those kids at EB who wanted Brunout Paradise for the Gamecube. Thanks Kotaku for all the goods.

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