My Tales – The Daily WTF

Min’s resume looked fairly decent, aside from a few minor typos DCMO instead of DCOM, Visual Basics 6, etc and a few minor impossibilities Oracle T-SQL and Microsoft Solaris. I had seen far worse and figured, with the language barrier and all, I’d give her the benefit of the doubt.

“I see on your résumé that you were a VB6 programmer at your last job,” I asked in the interview, “can you give me an idea of your day-to-day?”

“Mostly,” Min replied, “I tested, and make sure our program did not crash.”

“Oh,” I said, “so, like unit-testing with VB?”

“Actually,” she clarified, “I did not use VB. Just our program. But, program was written in VB.”

It didn’t take me too long after that to figure out that Min had never actually used Visual Basic. Or C . Or, really, any other programming language.

“Min,” I questioned, “why would put all these skills and technologies on your résumé if you’ve never used them?”

“I figure,” she responded, “I would get interview this way. Then, maybe, job.”

A couple months later, on a visit to a meeting in an entirely different department, I ran into Min again. Apparently, she had been hired as a VB programmer for another group.

That’s me to a T. *chuckle*

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