Wake N’ Bake

Who doesn’t love BACON! Well maybe some vegan hippies but screw them we like bacon here at Trip Hop Clan, can’t ever get enough of it. Hell even we think about bacon so much we even sing the wrong lyrics to songs to put bacon in them. Case and point “The Pack – Vans” the lyric goes “got my Vans on but they look like sneakers” was sung as “got my pants on but their made of bacon”. Hundred percent true right there. Well now we’ve come to the latest evolution in bacon, The Bacon Alarm Clock. Yeah, that right there is Nobel Prize worthy. Now everyday you wake up it’s like mom cooking breakfast on the stove and your prize for getting out of your hibernation state is a nice, greasy strip of cooked pork, mmmm BACON! I know that will definitely get my ass up and out of bed instead for bacon instead some blaring sound in my ear. These guys better get this clock on the streets quick, they’ve got a goldmine in their hands.

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